What to Expect

What does the first appointment involve?

Your first visit with Dr. Cooluris will include a comprehensive health history and any necessary physical exams. This is a comprehensive 60-75 minute appointment in which we will review your health history and medical records, and do a focused physical exam as necessary. Additional lab work or imaging may be ordered at this visit to suit your individual health needs and a treatment plan is initiated. The second, follow-up visit is 45 minutes and ensures that you are doing well with the initial treatment plan, and expands it into a long-term “road map”. After this point, most individuals see Dr. Cooluris for 30-minute follow-up care as needed, which is determined by your individual health needs. Office visits are preferred for the first visit to establish care, and phone consults are available as an alternative thereafter.

How does an ND differ from an MD?

Similar to medical doctors, naturopathic doctors are licensed primary care doctors trained extensively in the medical and clinical sciences for the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic illness. The primary difference is that naturopathic doctors are “raised” differently in their philosophy of the definition of health and disease. Naturopathic medicine focuses on the body as an intelligent, connected network of systems with an innate ability to achieve balance. Rather than address health issues or symptoms in isolation, a naturopathic doctor seeks to identify the underlying imbalance or culprit associated with the health concern. Naturopathic doctors are experts in natural medicine and inherently comprehensive medical detectives.