Testimonials About Dr. Cooluris


“Dr. Cooluris’ expert guidance, kind attention, and supportive natural therapies (tailored to my needs) have sustained and strengthened me while undergoing surgical, radiation and endocrine treatments for breast cancer. Three years into remission, I am active, strong and healthy. Even my bone density has increased despite taking the drug Arimidex! “– GC, 2009

“I just really enjoy being here…I look forward to my appointments and feel so much better as soon as I walk through the door.” HB

“I was referred to Denise by another local professional and I am happy for it. She is investigating my chronic health issues from a number of differing, respected approaches (bloodwork, naturopathy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent) – a truly holistic look into who I am. Working with her has given me hope and I look forward to being in her care and continuing treatment. It is comforting to be in the hands of a confident, kind, passionate practitioner.” DB

“After 15 years and over $30,000 in medical bills, I still struggled with an array of medical issues when I met Dr. Denise Cooluris. Within one round of testing, she identified an underlying cause of my symptoms, which for some unknown reason, no other traditional or integrative doctor had looked for! I was equally impressed with Dr. Denise’s ability to look over my stack of prior tests and connect the dots in a way no one else had. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is astounding, yet totally accessible to patients. “

“Diagnosing difficult medical issues is only half the battle; solving them is second journey. Dr. Denise is a true partner with her patients: smart, empathetic, insightful and creative in her treatment options. She and her staff are incredibly accessible and the patient’s needs always come first. It is actually a pleasure to go to the doctor’s office. I feel grateful for being referred to Dr. Denise and look forward to significantly better health soon.”

“After a lifetime of struggling with both excema and dermatologists, Dr. Denise Cooluris is the first medical provider that has wanted to find the underlying cause of my chronic skin problems. I believe that Dr. Coolouris saved my life. First, she stopped the downward spiral by correctly diagnosing part of the problem, then added treatments have had remarkable results! I am eternally grateful to Dr. Coolouris for listening to me, believing in me, and helping me! This is the kind of medical treatment I want.” CC – Petaluma, CA

“During the years that we have worked together I have continually been impressed by your depth of knowledge, your persistence in finding out what has ailed me, your wholistic and “do no harm” approach, and your ability to always have just the right remedy for whatever symptoms I have been experiencing. I have great respect and trust in you, and I am infinitely grateful to have such a highly healing and beneficial relationship. Many other doctors I have seen who were clueless and misdiagnosed me, so it is a great relief to me to find you, a diamond in the haystack! I highly praise and recommend you.” MP – Fairfax, Marin County, CA

“Bless you!!! You have helped me so much in the short time that we have begun “working” with each other.”

“After that IV Nutrient therapy yesterday , I went from needing 30 mg of antihistamines every 4 hours to 40 mg every 24 hours … I think that is a fantastic outcome …I noticed immediately that the joints in my fingers were nimble and I felt as if I did not have achy fingers!! Since then the rash and redness on my arms is almost completely gone. The redness and itchiness is almost gone from around my neck. My face is looking better as well,but slower to respond. My cells are dancing! Marked improvement! I am on my way in shifting towards health.”

“I haven’t been to a Dr in years because I just feel intimidated and broken when I go to the Dr. The experience with Dr. Cooluris was really kind and humane – way more like the herbalists and acupuncturist I go to. Thank you so much for that (and all others staff too! – especially Dr. Cooluris).” SA – Sebastopol, CA