Private Practice

Dr. Denise Cooluris, ND has her full-time practice at Hill Park West Medical Center in Sebastopol, CA. Hill Park Medical Center has an outstanding reputation for its twenty-five year history in providing medical care that combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine. Dr. Cooluris is a proud team member of practitioners who share her commitment to progressive integrative medicine and patient-centered care.

Dr. Cooluris provides integrative medical care and specializes in natural women’s health, digestive concerns, and integrative oncology care. As a member of the medical community, she values that the optimal care for many patients involves more than one practitioner, and she encourages a team-care approach to healing. Dr. Cooluris welcomes collaborative work with other practitioners and makes referrals to specialists and allied heath care providers when medically appropriate. She is always available for a consultation on a patient’s care with provided permission.

When you are a patient in her practice, Dr. Cooluris focuses on your health and how to live as your most genuine self physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She believes that true health evolves from addressing the body as integrated systems and providing individualized care using the best tools available in conventional and alternative medicine.

“Diagnosing difficult medical issues is only half the battle; solving them is second journey.  Dr. Denise is a true partner with her patients: smart, empathetic, insightful and creative in her treatment options….”
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