Listen to Dr. Denise discuss natural treatment options for depression


While we can not change our genetics, we can deeply influence the environment in which our genes operate and optimize their performance towards balanced mental health

Depression affects the entire body. In addition to the more noticeable affects on the nervous system, moods, thoughts and behavior, numerous studies have shown that depression affects the functioning of every type of body cell. In fact, studies have found that our mental and emotional well-being affects our immune health, allergies, bone density, heart health, hormone balance, digestion, fertility, and longevity. A person’s mental and emotional state if often inextricably tied to their physical health- we can’t ignore this important connection.

As a frequent guest of Ask The Expert on KSRO, I recently had a great conversation with host Michelle Marques about depression. We enjoyed a discussion about how to identify true clinical depression versus just being “down in the dumps”, the chemistry behind depression, and how we experience the condition not just in mood but in other forms, such as a lack of libido. We also explored the role of antidepressant prescriptions, amino acid therapy, and several natural approaches to depression to consider.

You can listen to radio show right here:

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