Herbal Medicine

Botanical medicine, also referred to as herbal medicine, is the use of plant extracts and preparations for the treatment of health concerns, both acute and chronic. Plants were our first medicine and herbal remedies continue to have a very important role in our health today. In fact, many pharmaceutical drugs in common use today were originally derived from plant substances. However, the active compounds in pharmaceutical drugs tend to be derived from a single part of the plant, where the use of the entire plant trends towards greater and safer effects. When applicable, the appropriate pairing of certain drugs with herbal treatment can result in a more potent outcome with fewer side effects than using the drug alone.*

As an expert in herbal medicine, Dr. Cooluris prescribes herbal preparations for her patients using a combination of research-based and traditional applications of herbs. She is a local and national teacher on the clinical applications of herbal medicine, which she incorporates in her medical practice for the treatment of acute and chronic illness. This is often achieved by her prescription of several herbal extracts in an individualized formula as a means of addressing multiple health concerns, thus addressing the whole person through one bottle of medicine. Her dispensary includes herbal teas, supplements, and extracts that are sourced responsibly and with the highest quality in mind.

*While the majority of medicinal plants are very safe, it is important to work with an experienced practitioner to determine those that must be used with care.

For those interested in attending Dr. Cooluris’ courses, you can find her teaching schedules and recordings at the following events:

California School of Herbal Studies,Guest Faculty

Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium

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