Common Questions

What if I need x-rays or standard labwork?

As a primary care doctor, Dr. Cooluris is licensed and skilled to order any lab work or imaging necessary to pursue a responsible medical evaluation. This includes common lab tests such as blood work, pap smears, or urinalysis as well as mammography, MRI’s, ultrasounds, etc.

Can a Naturopathic Doctor prescribe medications?

Though a natural approach is preferred, Dr. Cooluris does regularly prescribe and refill prescriptions for her patients as warranted for their health care needs. The staff at her office work collaboratively with pharmacies to ensure efficient care.

Does Dr. Cooluris accept insurance?

Dr. Cooluris offers her care at a fee-for-service medical practice that assists patients with reimbursement by providing a “superbill” that includes the pertinent coding related to the service provided on that day. The superbill may then be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. Naturopathic medical care is “out-of-network” care and currently receives the best reimbursement from Health Savings Account plans and flex accounts. Lab work is generally covered, though this again will depend upon your individual health coverage policy.

“Within one round of testing, she identified an underlying cause of my symptoms, which for some unknown reason, no other traditional or integrative doctor had looked for!…”
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